Access Control System Installation


Statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where access control is installed and can be an effective solution for eliminating office theft, shoplifting, stock shrinkage and burglary and is seen by most of the best system for deterrent and detection.

At Daniel's Security Centre we offer a supply and installation service for most types of electronic security.  We stock Paxton, Terraneo, BPT and Bewator to name a few.

Access control is simply a way of allowing access to your premises for authorised people only and there are a variety of systems available to choose from, simple one-to-one telephone entry systems right up to PC based access control systems. All can be supplied and installed by our skilled engineers.

AUDIO ENTRY SYSTEMS are a cost effective method of allowing you to identify your caller before you open the door to them.

VIDEO ENTRY SYSTEMS are similar to Audio Entry Systems except you can see the identity of your caller before you open the door to them.



CARD ENTRY SYSTEMS are an ideal way of controlling access in and around your building.  Systems range from standalone to multiple readers controlled by a PC.  Cards can be programmed to only allow access into authorised areas.




CODED ENTRY KEYPADS are a cost effective method of allowing access through a single door.  Codes can be periodically changed to enhance your security.  keypad


To discuss which system would best suit your security needs please call us and our fully trained and experienced advisers will be more than happy to assist you.




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